La Tortuga China’s Ghostly New Album and the Puerto Rican Independent Music Scene

Produced by Eduardo Cabra, who as Visitante founded the storied (and contentious) Calle 13 with his brother René Pérez, aka Residente, Fantasma is a contained world of sonic images meant to make you feel like you’re sitting in on a therapy session, where the three main characters—the doctor, the patient, and the radio—discuss the deep neuroses of a man hailing from a spiritist family.

According to Pérez, Fantasma, which translates to ghost, is used in its dual meaning—the one related to ghosts and spirits, and the other related to psychoanalysis. “It’s one of the constructs that a neurotic person uses so as not to have to confront their anguish,” Pérez explains. “I use this character, who is going through psychoanalysis, who comes from a spiritist family and who comes from Puerto Rico, an island. He’s isolated. So, the word ‘fantasma’ is, in one way or the other, this thing that this man is looking for in an ‘other’—it’s otherness. This ghost helps him, it complements him, lets him see what he lacks when he’s isolated.”

Conversamos con la periodista Amaya García junto a “Visitante”, Eduardo Cabra, sobre Fantasma para el portal de Bandcamp. Pueden leer el resto del artículo en Daily Bandcamp.